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SF Pro is also a provider of top quality cleaning products for the Industrial, Maritime, Food Industry, Restoration and Hospitality sectors.

The cleaning products made available for the different sectors are all very effective and they also conform to the strictest rules regarding the environment. SF Pro also has its very own brand of products for the martitime industry and​ other than cleaning products there are also many types of machines that can be used for professional cleaning purposes.


We pride ourselves of not only delivering amazing products but also a great service and customer care that ensure the customer's satisfaction. 


The Sectors



Food Industry





The Products comply with the strictest MARPOL, Ecolab and Ecolabel regulations 


Exclusive Distributors


SF Pro also acts as exclusive distributor for Allchem and Fenice Care Systems within the Principality of Monaco


Tell us what product you need



SF Marine acts as a distributor of professional cleaning products in Italy, Southern France and the Principality of Monaco and therefore we possess a vast product range. If you are looking for something specific just let us know by email and then we will provide you with what you are looking for.

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Allchem works in body shops cars, industrial and nautical branches with up-todate products, technically speaking, thanks to its own “R&D” sector research and development. It produces either with its own brand “VIRTUS” or in private labels for very important international brands, ensuring an accurate technical and operative assistance.


Founded in 1973, Fenice has been developing and manufacturing some of the best performing products for leather and fabric care for over 40 years. As partner to the most prestigious automotive companies and successful traditional tanneries worldwide, Fenice is present throughout Italy and in over 50 countries across the globe.


Cleaning Machines



Stream Vacuum Cleaners


Stream Mini | Stream Top | Stream 17 | Stream 26 | Stream 37 | Stream 37B | Stream 622 | Stream 623

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Single Disc and Injection-Extraction


Mini Activ | Orion 17 | Roll 27 | Roll 50 | Flat 14 | Flat 30

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