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Our chemical products are part of the Arbomarine brand, of whom we are producers and distributors. These are specifically designed for the cleaning, maintenance and protection of boats and their accessories. The products have been thoroughly tested and are easy to use, making them ideals for all the surfaces and situations that may affect the boat.


Electro Cleaners


Arbosol Electro CF



Electro Slow


Arbosol Electro Standard


Electro Non Flash






Arbotane Primier




Acid Cleaners


Scale Remover Powder


Metallic Brite


Scale Remover Liquid


Fuel Treatment


Dual Purpose


Soot Remover Powder


Vana Solvent 


Special Products






Mud & Silt






Penetrating Oil 


Carbon Solvents


Air Cooler Cleaner 


Bio Filter Cleaner (paper filter)


Carbon Remover-AAC


Carbon Solvent


Filter Cleaner (metal filter) 


Separator Cleaner


Maintenance Products


Bio Cleaner Heavy Duty

Bio Oil Spill Remover

Boiler Cleaner



Universal Wash ECOP

Cold Degreasers


Hygienic Cleaner

Lead Cleaner

Marsol Cleaner

Sea Cleaner



Water Treatment


Alkalinity Control


Arbocor INHIB NB Liquid


Arboiler Water Treat


Arbosperse Special


Boiler Coagulant


Boiler Water Treatment


Cholirne 12


Clorine Tablets


Condensate Control


Evaporator Treatment


Hardness Control


Condensate-Oxygen Control H (hidrazina)


Condensate-Oxygen Control S (sulfiti)


Scale Control


Chemicals Brochure


Download the brochure with all the spare parts and brands that we can provide.

Chemicals Brochure >

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