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Welcome to SF Marine Jean Charles

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

As of the 3rd of April, the SF Marine staff has grown after the arrival of the arrival of Jean Charles Jaillet who will be taking care of the newly born Yachting Department.

Jean Charles is an experienced and well-known individual in this sector and is ready to take on the new adventure at SF Marine where he will be taking care (from a to z) of the work relative to the department he is running.

Now the SF Marine family counts 6 members: Stefano Franzini (CEO), Monica Tartaglione (Financial Department), Maristella Bianco (Bunkering and Chemicals Department), Sara Spazzadeschi (Spare Parts and Agenices Department), Edoardo Rasetti (Cleaning Products and Communications Department) and now also Jean Charles Jaillet (Yachting Department).

The choice to join SF Marine was “dictated by the envy to try and continue the work I have been doing for such a long time with an organised and successful company such as SF Marine” according to Jean Charles.

Meanwhile SF Marine CEO Stefano Franzini was

Happy that Jean Charles decided to become part of the company and that he is willing to develop this new and important sector through the experience he has acquired during all these years.

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